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DHA Multan: Current Prices & Profit Potential (2024),

Monday, February 26, 2024 12:56 PM 

DHA Multan: Investment Potential Booms! Latest Prices & Profit Predictions (2024)

Uncover the latest investment opportunities in DHA Multan! Explore how recent improvements, increasing buyer activity, and escalating plot prices are shaping the market. Learn about potential profit margins and ideal sectors for investment.


Greetings, viewers! This video provides a comprehensive update on DHA Multan's current market conditions as of February 2024. We'll delve into recent improvements, changing trends in plot prices, and potential investment opportunities.

Market Improvement and Price Trends:

  • A significant improvement in market activity has been observed since the recent elections.

  • Buyer confidence has increased, leading to a noticeable increase in plot values across various sectors.

  • Investors are showing renewed interest, contributing to a positive market outlook.

Price Analysis:

  • 5 Marla: Prices in Sector T have risen from pre-election levels of PKR 20 lakhs to a current minimum of PKR 22 lakhs.

  • Kanal Sectors: Sectors H, M, and I, have witnessed rapid price growth. Minimum plot prices in these sectors have risen from PKR 60-62 lakhs to PKR 65-66 lakhs and are expected to continue increasing.

  • 10 Marla: Prices in Sector U have increased from PKR 38-40 lakhs to a minimum of PKR 40 lakhs, with limited options available. Similar trends are observed in Sector B1, where minimum prices have risen to PKR 55 lakhs.

  • 8 Marla: Prices in Sector V have seen a slight increase, with minimum plot values starting from PKR 32-33 lakhs.


These prices exclude development charges, which are additional costs payable upon purchase.

Call to Action:

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Additional Information:

  • Future video updates will provide more insights into specific sectors and development progress. So, Don't forget to Subscribe!

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