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Saturday, March 2, 2024 01:10 PM 

DHA Lahore Commercial Files: 2024 Investment Guide (Prices, Trends & Analysis)

Explore the investment potential of DHA Lahore's commercial files in 2024! This comprehensive video guide by Zahid Bhatti (+) analyzes current rates, trends, and future prospects for various sectors, including DHA Phase 6, 7, 8, and 10. Discover promising options like CC3 plots in Phase 6 (starting from PKR 1.5 crore per marla), 4 marla files in Phase 7 (starting from PKR 1.8 crore), and 8 marla files in Phase 9 (starting from PKR 3.15 crore). Gain insights into recent price fluctuations, development updates, and expert recommendations for informed investment decisions.

Assalam alekum viewers!

Zahid Bhatti from Lahore Real Estate here (+). Today, we'll delve into the investment potential of DHA Lahore's commercial files in 2024, providing a comprehensive guide covering various sectors.

Current Market Analysis:

  • DHA Phase 6 (CC3 plots): This sector offers outdoor commercial files with a current starting price of PKR 1.5 crore per marla. Development is ongoing, with the DHA actively clearing the area for future commercial activity.

  • DHA Phase 7 (4 marla plots): The current price for a 4 marla commercial file in Phase 7 stands at PKR 1.8 crore, reflecting a recent decrease. This sector holds promising potential, with ground plots starting from PKR 2.75 crore and further price improvement anticipated.

  • DHA Phase 9 Prism (4 marla plots): As of now, new commercial files are not readily available in this phase. However, existing 4 marla commercial files have shown a slight price increase in recent weeks, with the current rate starting from PKR 2.20 crore. Additionally, ground plots are available here, with prices ranging from PKR 3 crore to PKR 5 crore.

  • DHA Phase 9 Prism (8 marla plots): commercial file options for 8 marla files, starting from PKR 5.50 crore. Additionally, ground plots are available, with rates starting from PKR 7 crore for 8 marla options.

  • DHA Phase 10 (4 marla plots): With a launch price of PKR 2.5 crore, the 4 marla commercial file in Phase 10 currently stands at PKR 1.68 crore, presenting a potential investment opportunity.

Investment Considerations:

  • Developments: Ongoing development within various sectors enhances the future potential of commercial file investments.

  • Price Trends: Recent price fluctuations offer opportunities for informed investment decisions based on individual budgets and long-term goals.

  • Budget & Time Horizons: Consider your budget and investment timeline when choosing a suitable file, balancing short and long-term prospects.


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