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Lahore Ring Road SL-3: Impact on Bahria Town Lahore Prices,

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 12:48 PM 

Lahore Ring Road SL-3: Unlocking Investment Opportunities in Bahria Town - Expert Analysis by Faizan Rajput

Description: Explore the transformative impact of Lahore Ring Road SL-3 on Bahria Town's real estate landscape! Gain expert insights from Faizan Rajput (+) on property value changes, investment opportunities, and the project's completion timeline.

Greetings viewers! Faizan Rajput here, your guide to navigating the Lahore real estate market. Today, we embark on a journey through Bahria Town, exploring how the much-anticipated Lahore Ring Road SL-3 is poised to revolutionize the area.

Witnessing Progress First-hand:

Standing on top  of SL-3, we get a panoramic view of the near-completion interchange connecting the Ring Road to Bahria Town. This significant infrastructure development will significantly improve connectivity and accessibility, impacting numerous blocks within the society.

Blocks Set to Shine:

  • GVR Block: Witness the transformation of GVR Block into Gulf Residency, strategically located near the interchange. This prime location, coupled with the Ring Road's convenience, is expected to significantly boost property values.

  • Rafi Block & Tulip Extension: Adjoining Rafi Block, the completion of the Tulip Extension further enhances connectivity and paves the way for potential price appreciation.

  • Jina Block & Nishtar Block: These blocks are also well-positioned to benefit from the Ring Road's impact, with Nishtar Block offering the additional advantage of Nishtar Extension, creating attractive investment options.

Investment Potential:

The Ring Road's influence on property values is already evident:

  • GVR Block (5 Marla): Prices have seen an upward trend, ranging from Rs 75 lakh to Rs 85 lakh.

  • GVR Block (10 Marla): Prices have climbed to a minimum of Rs 90 lakh, reaching as high as Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.1 crore. Corner plots boast even more significant increases, reaching up to Rs 50-60 lakh above standard rates.

  • GVR Block (Kanal Plots): Prices currently range from Rs 2 crore to a maximum of Rs 2.5 crore.

Similar positive trends are expected in Rafi Block, where 10 Marla plots range from Rs 1.5 crore to Rs 2.2 crore, and 5 Marla options are also available.

Nishtar Extension presents exciting opportunities for investors, with 5 Marla plots starting around Rs 85 lakh and reaching up to Rs 1.15 crore.

Project Completion and Beyond:

While the maximum completion rate of the Ring Road is currently estimated at 95%, with full functionality expected within one to one and a half months, there are still works in progress. The completion of interchanges and the main road will further enhance accessibility and unlock the area's full potential.

This improved connectivity and infrastructure will undoubtedly attract more residents to Bahria Town, leading to increased demand and potential property value appreciation. Coupled with several still-affordable options within the society, the Ring Road presents a compelling investment opportunity.

Ready to Invest?

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