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Liberty Lands Lahore Files UpdatePlot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
Liberty Lands Lahore 5 Marla Residential Booking Price: 31.95 Lacs Down Payment: 4.75 LacsSeller at -40K Buyer at -50KAbsar Hussain +923024222061 Mohsin Riaz +92332489825615 July 2024
Liberty Lands Lahore 5 Marla New Residential Booking Price: 37.75 Lacs Down Payment: 6.95 LacsSeller at -2.35 Lacs Buyer at -2.45 LacsAbsar Hussain +923024222061 Mohsin Riaz +92332489825615 July 2024
Liberty Lands Lahore 2.66 Marla Commercial Booking Price : 79.95 Lacs Down Payment: 11.95 Lacs Seller at -4.00 Lacs Buyer at -4.15 LacsAbsar Hussain +923024222061 Mohsin Riaz +92332489825615 July 2024
Liberty Lands Lahore 5.33 Marla Commercial Booking Price: 149.95 Lacs Down Payment: 22.75 Lacs Seller at -7.50 Lacs Buyer at -7.75 LacsAbsar Hussain +923024222061 Mohsin Riaz +92332489825615 July 2024
Liberty Lands Lahore Theme park commercial Booking Price: 179.95 Lacs Down Payment: 35.95 LacsSeller at -10.00 Lacs Buyer at -10.50 LacsAbsar Hussain +923024222061 Mohsin Riaz +92332489825615 July 2024
Liberty Lands Lahore Paid File at -36% Paid file Old at -33%
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Liberty Lands Lahore Files LDA Approved | Project Details, Location Map And Plot Prices Payment Plan

Liberty Lands Lahore is a new, modern and top-class housing society in Lahore. Buy/Sell Liberty Lands Lahore Files which is Launched recently, it’s a project by Union Developers providing buyers and investors with a life-changing investment opportunity. Planned innovatively, this project is located ideally in the heart of Lahore. This society is designed to provide a high-standard living opportunity to people full of comforts. Here you will be able to enjoy a safe and facilitated lifestyle, hard to find anywhere else.

Liberty Lands Housing Society is among the best housing societies that had gained immense response just after the announcement. Featuring a lush green environment, sustainable community design, all modern-day amenities, it’s a place with a complete lifestyle. Also, the investment potential is high, so one looking for a plot for residence or investment can prefer this happily. The plots for sale in Liberty Lands are low-cost and come with a flexible payment plan. Further details are:

Location of Liberty Lands Lahore

Liberty Lands Lahore is exactly located at Jia Bagga Road near LDA City Ring Road Interchange. The nearest housing society is Park Avenue Lahore. It is also at the backside of Lake City means you can access Raiwind Road through this housing scheme.

Distance from main areas of Lahore

  • A 2-minute drive from LDA City and Halloki Ring Road Interchange.
  • A 15-minute drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore.
  • A 5-8 minute drive from Defence Road Lahore and UOL.
  • A 4-5 minute drive from Adda Plot Raiwind Road.
  • A 30-minute drive from Lahore Islamabad Motorway M-2.
  • A 30-minute drive from Thokar Niaz Baig.
  • A 20-minute drive from UCP, Shaukat Khanum Hospital Johar Town.
  • A 17-minute drive from Wapda Town Lahore.
  • Up to 45 minutes drive from Gulberg and Liberty Market Lahore.

Liberty Lands Lahore Future Prospectus and Reviews by LRE

Basic Development charges are included. Any unexpected amount due to heavy inflation etc that increases development cost to be charged in future. Buyer must keep 2 to 3 lacs extra charges in mind for 5 Marla residential. In past Union Developers projects development charges were included.

Files can be kept open till developers announce it to be submitted. Likely to be be open 3 to 4 months but developer can increase or reduce it if needed.

  • As of today only 373 kanal have full NOC. 2200 kanal is in process and full NOC is expected in less than 60 days. Currently approved Map will be changed at full NOC.
  • Atleast 50% commercial is on main 150 feet road and rest is back to main.
  • 2.66 marla could be on main main back or sector areas.

Number of files issued to date is not known like each and every project. No one tells true number. Hatters will say 1000s files. Holders will say 100s files and people with out good working brain will claim few lacs files. No way to prove any number right or wrong. Open 1 file trades hands 3 or 5 times in a day at different price. Jis ka jahan daio lag jayey. Open forms trading brings in crores buying or selling so prices will keep trading at too higher or lower price based on this black money is coming in or going out. Wise thing is to buy on dips for long term 2 year holding. If short term traders buy on dips sell it on good pre decided prices of gains.

Each and every project dealers investors and long term holder is now involved in Liberty Lands Lahore trading holding etc. Huge chunk of money is keep coming from largest gainer projects into Liberty Lands Lahore due to its good gains of 💯 Percent plus in own amount on launch prices. People these days are looking for a short term plays only and getting gains and moving project to projects.

People who have no chance to sell own plots due to travel reason or unable to find buyer on own largest projects holding are extremely unhappy that they are missing entry on low pre launch prices of liberty lands lahore. They are getting hurt in two ways as new money going into Liberty Lands Lahore in large amounts that could have gone to blue chip holding. But buyer are desperate to buy for short term gains only. At Lahore Real Estate people are buying it in own names. Atleast 50 % want to buy in own names. When that happens each file gets out and supply from market is reduced further.

Union Developers in past have never over sold file in market. Don’t know if they will keep past records clean or not in Liberty Lands Lahore.

Each developer always want to take own pre launch few files to max own so at actual launch much higher more files can be sold at new 15 to 20 % higher prices than pre launch prices. Always saw this happening in all private projects.

Pros if bought today.

  • Low prices
  • Open files and low cost transfers in own name
  • Installment options offer low initial amount to buy and hold for long term.
  • Full 2200 NOC good news still to come
  • Pre launch still to come
  • Full-scale development still to come
  • TV and newspaper ads still to come
  • More buyer still in process to get money released from other big projects. Their transfers not done yet. LLL is only hazir payment trade means need money in 24 hours max to buy. Once people get paid from other projects they are going into only Liberty lands lahore as of today. It can change in future. Right now other projects at huge gains and buyers waiting for low prices to buy them.

No full NOC yet
Open forms. Don’t know how many forms in market. Some people sell it even when don’t have it thinking will give delivery if price come down in 24 hours. Most small dealer fail to make payments or deliver files. Every guy with a phone and no office buying selling it so it is like fish market. True Rate is not available. Changes by hour.

Liberty Lands Lahore Plots for Sale

Recently launched Liberty Lands Lahore plots are thoughtfully planned to facilitate investors with the best. This housing society describes smart town planning as offering the best residential and commercial plots. The plots for sale in Liberty Lands are:

  • 5 Marla Residential Plots
  • 2.66 Marla Commercial Plots
  • 5.33 Marla Commercial Plots

Soon, a new deal of plots is expected where society will offer several sizes of residentials.

Liberty Lands Payment Plan

Booking of plots starts with a 15% down payment only, while the remaining amount of the plots will be payable in 8 equal installments. The launching prices of the plots are:

  • 5 Marla (Residential): 31.95 lacs
  • 5 Marla (Commercial): 1.49 crores
  • 2.66 Marla (Commercial): 79.95 lacs

The complete prices and payment plan details of Etihad Town Liberty Lands are:

Plot Category 2.66 Marla Commercial 5.33 Marla Commercial 5 Marla Residential
Down Payment15-Jan-2022 1,195,000 2,275,000 475,000
1st Installment15-Apr-2022 850,000 1,590,000 340,000
2nd Installment15-Jul- 2022 850,000 1,590,000 340,000
3rd Installment15-Oct-2022 850,000 1,590,000 340,000
4th Installment15-Jan-2023 850,000 1,590,000 340,000
5th Installment15-Apr-2023 850,000 1,590,000 340,000
6th Installment15-Jul-2023 850,000 1,590,000 340,000
7th Installment15-Oct-2023 850,000 1,590,000 340,000
8th Installment15-Jan-2024 850,000 1,590,000 340,000
Total Price 7,995,000 14,995,000 3,195,000

Note: All these are the launching prices of the plots. The demands for these residential + commercial plots are very high. That’s why buying/booking is only possible by paying a profit amount. For example, the own amount on 5 Marla residential plots varies from 2 lacs to 4 lacs. Similarly, commercials are available with a profit amount of 4 lacs to 8 lacs.

For buying selling Liberty Lands Lahore Files please call Lahore Real Estate ® with full confidence.

Ch Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
Lahore Real Estate ®
MB-46 Main Boulevard  Near DHA Lahore Head Office.

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