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DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices | Download Map| Development Updates 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 is one of the most well-liked of all DHA phases in urban center among buyers wanting to buy a plot because the user realize the choices here quite enticing. You can get DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices and Development News on Daily Basis. We have a most active team who can assist you. Costs here old a call in the absence of demand some months past thanks to the prevailing market scenario.

In addition to being standard among finish users, DHA Lahore phase 8 Plot is additionally seen as a doubtless profitable place to buy residential plot if some choices are out there at rates lower than the value. so some investors here are typically on search of such choices.

The decision was welcomed by the important estate sectors as a result of this exemption signals the commencement of investment activity, that successively can increase the revenue for the govt within the kind of property taxes.

Let us take a look at each block of DHA Lahore Phase 8

Phase 8 Block S
The block is located on the Barki Roadside, wherever it conjointly has one of the society’s main entrance. however it’s considered a touch off side from remainder of the blocks, that square measure settled nearer to interchanges of Lahore ring road. it’s shares a boundary with a local settlement, that DHA could or might not acquire in the future.

Phase 8 Block T
The block has a land pocket and a few plots here also are in judicial proceeding. however buyers shouldn’t worry regarding it as DHA doesn’t let litigated plots get transferred. Some plots here are thought-about prime as these are settled opposite the most dear and prime phase 8 block i.e. Block W, explaining the high rates of some plots .

Phase 8 Block U
It shares a boundary with an area settlement, and a high-tension wire conjointly passes on the point of it, creating half the block somewhat less fascinating for prime consumers. the opposite 0.5 is deemed excellent because the phase’s biggest park comprising a hundred thirty-five kanals is found in Block U.

Phase 8 Block V
Located near to Block U, Block V conjointly faces the issue of high-tension transmission lines. additionally thereto, this block conjointly includes a memorial park. However, due to its proximity to the Block U’s park, some plots here square measure thought-about extremely fascinating.

Phase 8 Block W
It is the foremost prime of all blocks in phase 8 because it has no land pockets and no memorial park. additionally to that, 2 of the most important boulevards of the phase 8 and phase VI are connected to that. moreover, Block W is also located within the centre of phase 8

Phase 8 Block Y
It is located on the opposite side of Lahore ring road close to Nawaz Sharif Interchange and somewhat detached from the remainder of phase 8. Here, property possession is available for 1-kanal plots only whereas development work on 5-marla, 8-marla and 10-marla residential plots is however to be completed.

Phase 8 Block Z
Also known as ivy green, Block Z is found on Barki Road opposite Block S. It includes seven blocks, i.e. Blocks Z, Block Z-1, Z-2, Z-3, Z-4, Z-5, Z-6. In terms of plot sizes, choices out there here square measure somewhat a lot of accommodating. buyers here will choose between residential plots in sizes of 5-marla, 10-marla 1-kanal and 2-kanals. Development work in this block is underway. For complete details on ivy green, keep tuned to our next blog.

DHA Phase 8 Lahore Possession Announced

Congratulations to everyone DHA Announced a possession in phase 8 S, T, U , V , W and Y Blocks expect X and Y2 . Possession Ceremony was held in DHA Lahore Phase 8 ,W Block. It is the biggest sign to buy plots in DHA phase 8 and the reason that its price are expected to go upwards.We are highly recommended to buy plots in DHA Lahore phase 8.DHA Lahore phase 8 X Block and Y2 Block possession announced with in 6 months. Once again Congratulations to everyone phase 8 possession officially announced by DHA Lahore.

For buying selling files or plots or want to the assessment of your plots please call Lahore Real Estate ® with full confidence.

Ch Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
Lahore Real Estate ®
MB-46 Main Boulevard DHA Lahore Phase 6 Near DHA Lahore Head Office.


DHA Lahore Phase8 Z Block IVY Files Prices UpdateFile Price In LacsCallLast Updated
Affidavit (5 Marla)50 Abdul Waheed +923011681688 Wali Muhammad +923224222044 14 June 2024
Allocation (5 Marla)48 Abdul Waheed +923011681688 Wali Muhammad +923224222044 14 June 2024
DHA Phase 8 Ex Parkview Lahore Files Prices Update File Price In LacsCallLast Updated
Allocation (1 Kanal)274Abdul Waheed +923011681688 Wali Muhammad +92322422204414 June 2024
Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 S BlockPlot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
1 Kanal NearS-832 @ 355Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-1037@ 425Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-11@ 600Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-176+177@ 860Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-202@ 360Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-23@ 435Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-271@ 460Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-310@ 380Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-391@ 360Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-401@ 360Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-411@ 355Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-495+496@ 925Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-553@ 440Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-640@ 335Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-647@ 335Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-755@ 350Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-774@ 360Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearS-997@ 325Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 T BlockPlot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
1 Kanal NearT-1131@ 480Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-1372@ 565Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-1503@ 520Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-173@ 375Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-176@ 410Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-1794@ 485Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-182@ 420Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-299@ 400Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-323@ 375..Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-64@ 460Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-728@ 450Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-810@ 40Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-891@ 435Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearT-945@ 450Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal Pair NearT-1027+28@ 1090Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal Pair NearT-1085+1086@ 1450Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal Pair NearT-1182+1183@ 1125Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal Pair NearT-1393+1394@ 1125Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearT-04@ 1300Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearT-1271+1272@ 3200Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearT-1282@ 1350Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearT-14301431+1432+1433@ 3000Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 U BlockPlot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
1 Kanal NearU-291@ 500Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-300@ 510Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-319@ 625Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-515@ 480Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-570@ 545Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-576@ 430Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-636@ 400Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-663@ 415Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-712@ 460Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearU-95+96+81+82@ 2200Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 V BlockPlot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
1 Kanal NearV-1015@ 525Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1093@ 365Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1136@ 410Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1225@ 380Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1270@ 520Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1298@ 450Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1306@ 560Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1381@ 375Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1418@ 450Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-1465@ 390Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-172@ 310Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-275@ 370Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-287@ 435Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-330@ 465..Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-401@ 500Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-491+492@ 1070Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-74@ 435Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-754@ 430Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-938@ 385..Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-948@ 475..Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearV-950@ 410..Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal Pair NearV-205+206@ 935Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal Pair NearV-411+412@ 1125Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal Pair NearV-647+648@ 1000Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 W BlockPlot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
1 Kanal NearW-772+773@ 1140Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-123@ 670Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-139@ 540Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-177@ 565Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-23@ 1565Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-370@ 640Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-392+393@ 1475Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-421@ 510Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-559@ 615Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-670+671@ 1200Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-775@ 550Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-793+794@ 1225Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-798@ 510Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearW-81@ 700Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearW-356@ 1250Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 X BlockPlot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
1 Kanal NearX-726@ 425Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-1019+1020@ 800Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-1182@ 345Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-1247@ 400Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-1276@ 385Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-1284@ 430Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-611@ 415Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-615@ 325Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-657@ 425Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-666/4+666/5@ 600Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-740@ 400Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-750+751@ 850Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-828@ 250Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-834@ 205Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-861@ 290Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-898@ 295Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
1 Kanal NearX-927@ 300Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
10 Marla NearX-619/20@ 225Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearX-10@ 1150Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearX-15@ 1175Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearX-19@ 1200Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearX-21+22@ 3000Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
2 Kanal NearX-34@ 1225Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
5 Marla NearX-1025/19@ 120Abdul waheed +92301168168810/06/2024
Residential Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 Y BlockPlot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
Commercial Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 CCA1, CCA2 CCA3Plot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
Commercial Plots For Sale In DHA Lahore Phase8 Broadway Plot Price In LacsCallLast Updated
DHA Lahore Phase8 IVY Green Block Wise InformationResidential Plot SizePlot Price In Rs In LacsLast Updated
Sec-Z15 Marla75 to 8310/06/2024
Sec-Z110 Marla115 to 16310/06/2024
Sec-Z11 Kanal188 to 22910/06/2024
Sec-Z21 Kanal180 to 22610/06/2024
Sec-Z22 Kanal385 to 44010/06/2024
Sec-Z35 Marla50 to 6010/06/2024
Sec-Z310 Marla88 to 14010/06/2024
Sec-Z31 Kanal195 to 21510/06/2024
Sec-Z45 Marla57 to 7410/06/2024
Sec-Z410 Marla106 to 14010/06/2024
Sec-Z41 Kanal195 to 21510/06/2024
Sec-Z55 Marla50 to 7010/06/2024
Sec-Z57 Marla85 to 10510/06/2024
Sec-Z510 Marla103 to 13210/06/2024
Sec-Z65 Marla76 to 8410/06/2024
Sec-Z67 Marla102 to 11810/06/2024
Sec-Z610 Marla140 to 16710/06/2024
Sec-Z61 Kanal195 to 25010/06/2024
DHA Lahore Phase8 IVY Green Block Wise InformationCommercial Plot SizePlot Price In Rs In LacsLast Updated
Z1-Comm8 Marla500 to 60010/06/2024
Z2-Comm4 Marla220 to 30010/06/2024
Z6-Comm4 Marla198 to 25010/06/2024
Z6Comm8 Marla500 to 60010/06/2024
DHA Lahore Phase8 Block Wise InformationResidential Plot SizePlot Price In Rs In LacsLast Updated
Sec-S10 Marla205 to 21510/06/2024
Sec-S1 Kanal260 to 48510/06/2024
Sec-T1 Kanal285 to 59010/06/2024
Sec-T2 Kanal1125 to 137510/06/2024
Sec-U1 Kanal290 to 58510/06/2024
Sec-V1 Kanal315 to 58510/06/2024
Sec-W1 Kanal440 to 67510/06/2024
Sec-W2 Kanal1510 to 165010/06/2024
Sec-X5 Marla115 to 13010/06/2024
Sec-X10 Marla155 to 25010/06/2024
Sec-X1 Kanal265 to 48010/06/2024
Sec-X2 Kanal1010 to 126010/06/2024
Sec-Y5 Marla90 to 11210/06/2024
Sec-Y8 Marla112 to 14510/06/2024
Sec-Y10 Marla122 to 20010/06/2024
Sec-Y1 Kanal240 to 36510/06/2024
DHA Lahore Phase8 Block Wise InformationCommercial Plot SizePlot Price In Rs In LacsLast Updated
CCA14 Marla535 to 63510/06/2024
CCA18 Marla950 to 118010/06/2024
CCA24 Marla570 to 66010/06/2024
CCA28 Marla980 to 123010/06/2024
CCA34 Marla325 to 41010/06/2024
Broadway-Comm4 Marla400 to 79010/06/2024
Broadway-Comm8 Marla880 to 230010/06/2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Videos Updates 2024 | On-Ground Reality and Drone Videos


DHA Phase 8 Lahore: Block-wise Prices & Investment Guide (Updates as of 13th June 2024)

Assalam-o-Alaikum viewers! This is Bilal Bhatti from Lahore Real Estate. Today, we will provide an overview of DHA Phase 8, Lahore, discussing the current block-wise prices and the best investment options. We’ll also identify which blocks are fully developed and have mature infrastructure. Let’s dive in!

Location Overview

DHA Phase 8 is strategically located, touching Barki Road on one end, with S Block nearby. If you approach from Phase 5, you’ll first encounter X Block. The area is well-connected through Bedian Road and its interchange, providing easy access to all parts of Lahore.

Block-wise Price Analysis

1. S Block:

  • Minimum Price: PKR 2.65 crores
  • Maximum Price: PKR 4.75 crores
  • Prime Locations: Facing park plots command higher prices, reaching up to PKR 4.75 crores.

2. T Block:

  • Minimum Price: PKR 2.85 crores
  • Maximum Price: PKR 6 crores
  • Highlights: Proximity to the grid station results in lower prices. However, the area connected to Broadway sees higher demand and prices.

3. U Block:

  • Minimum Price: PKR 3 crores
  • Maximum Price: PKR 5.5 crores
  • Features: Well-developed with significant construction activities, making it a preferred choice for buyers and builders.

4. W Block:

  • Minimum Price: PKR 4.5 crores
  • Maximum Price: PKR 7 crores
  • Prime Locations: Facing commercial plots on Broadway command the highest prices, making W Block the most premium block in Phase 8.

5. X Block:

  • Minimum Price: PKR 2.75 crores
  • Maximum Price: PKR 5 crores
  • Highlights: Main Broadway road divides D, U, and V blocks, creating a significant price distinction.

6. Y Block:

  • Minimum Price: PKR 2.35 crores
  • Maximum Price: PKR 3.5 crores
  • Features: Slightly lower demand due to its division by the ring road, often seen as an extension rather than a primary area.

Development and Buyer Preference

  • Blocks S and W are fully developed with high construction activity.
  • Blocks T, U, and V have varying levels of development, with higher demand for T Block due to its convenient location.
  • Block W is the most premium block, with the highest prices and buyer interest.
  • Builders are actively investing in Phase 8, particularly in Block T and Block W.


DHA Phase 8 offers a range of investment options with varying price points and development levels. Investors can choose from different blocks based on their budget and preferences. T Block, U Block, V Block, and W Block present attractive opportunities for those looking for developed plots with good connectivity.

Invest in Spacious Living: 2 Kanal & Pair Plots in DHA Phase 8 Lahore (2nd May 2024 Update)

Seeking expansive properties in Lahore’s prestigious DHA Phase 8? This summary highlights key points about 2 Kanal and pair plots:

  • High Demand: These plots offer ample space for luxurious living or development projects, making them highly sought-after.
  • Block Concentration: Primarily located in blocks X, W, and T, each offering distinct features.
  • Price Range: Asking prices vary based on block, location, and features. Examples include:
    • 2 Kanal Plot (X Block): Starting at Rs. 10.5 Crores
    • Pair Plot (T Block): Up to Rs. 33.2 Crores
  • Market Trends:
    • Limited availability fuels high demand and value appreciation.
    • W Block generally commands the highest prices, followed by T and X Blocks.
    • Corner plots with additional access land often see price premiums.

DHA Phase 8 Lahore: Corner & Pair Plots – A Quick Guide (May 2nd, 2024 Update)

Looking for coveted corner or pair plots in DHA Phase 8 Lahore? This summary highlights key details:

  • High Demand: These plots are sought-after, offering extra space and potential development benefits.
  • Block-Wise Availability: Listings are available across various blocks like S, T, U, V, Z, and X.
  • Price Range: Asking prices vary depending on block, location, and features. Examples include:
    • Pair Plot (S Block): Rs. 8.60 Crore
    • Corner Plot (T Block): Rs. 4.60 Crore to Rs. 5.65 Crore
    • Pair Plot with Park Facing (V Block): Rs. 12 Crore
  • Additional Factors: Corner plots often enjoy premium pricing due to additional road access and visibility.

DHA Lahore Phase 8 V-Block: Prices, Development & Investment (April 17, 2024)

Considering DHA Lahore Phase 8? Look at V-Block! This area offers a good mix of established living, investment potential, and easy access to amenities.

Location: V-Block sits next to Phase VI with easy access to Phases 5 & 6 via Main Boulevard and Ring Road.

Development Status: The area boasts several houses, operational shops, and good maintenance, creating a peaceful living environment.

Plot Prices:

  • Ring Road plots: PKR 3.25 crore+
  • Main block (near 70-ft road): Up to PKR 6 crore (limited availability)

Key Features:

  • Close to Broadway: Convenient access to shops and amenities.
  • Mature Neighborhood: Established area with numerous houses.
  • Development Potential: Room for future growth and value appreciation.
  • Commercial Amenities: Local shops cater to everyday needs.
  • Secure Environment: Well-maintained infrastructure.

Investment Potential: V-Block is attractive due to its location, development, and growth potential. Consider the limited availability of premium plots and focus on long-term value appreciation.

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices & Blockwise Rates 10th June, 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices Blockwise Rates June 09, 2024
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices Blockwise Rates June 09, 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices & Blockwise Rates 27th May, 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices Blockwise Rates 27th May 2024
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices Blockwise Rates 27th May 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices & Blockwise Rates 20th May, 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices Blockwise Rates 20th May 2024
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices Blockwise Rates 20th May 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices & Blockwise Rates 13th May, 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices Blockwise Rates 13th May 2024
DHA Lahore Phase 8 Plot Prices Blockwise Rates 13th May 2024

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