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Dream Galleria Lahore: Luxury Living & Investments with High ROI

Dream Galleria Lahore: Luxury Living & Investments with High ROI

Dream Galleria Luxury Living Apartments & shops on Easy Installment Plan with Guaranteed ROI May 2024

Ascend the ladder to a sophisticated lifestyle at Dream Galleria Lahore! This high-rise marvel, nestled on Defence Road within Dream Gardens, offers a unique blend of luxury living spaces, vibrant commercial opportunities, and guaranteed returns on investment.


Nestled on Defence Road, Dream Garden is just a 3-kilometer away with a 5-minute drive from Bhubtian Chowk and Etihad Town Lahore. This strategic location provides easy access to major amenities and a vibrant urban lifestyle.

A High-Rise Marvel with Diverse Offerings

Dream Garden embraces a high-rise design, catering to a wide range of needs. The project encompasses:

  • Commercial Shops: Ground-floor and first-floor shops for a bustling commercial hub.
  • Food Court: A dedicated 2nd-floor space for delectable dining experiences.
  • Hotel Apartments: A luxurious retreat on the fourth floor, offering managed hotel services.
  • Smart Apartments: Modern and well-equipped apartments on the fifth and sixth floors.

Investment Opportunities with Lucrative Returns

Dream Garden offers exceptional investment opportunities:

  • Commercial Shops: Priced at 26,000 per square foot on the lower ground, 90,000 per square foot on the ground floor, and 45,000 per square foot on the first floor.
  • Food Court Stalls: Available at 40,000 per square foot.
  • Hotel Apartments: Priced at 25,000 per square foot with a guaranteed 12% return on investment.
  • Smart Apartments: Located on the fifth and sixth floors, priced at 16,500 per square foot.

10% Discount on Full Payments

For those seeking a substantial investment, Dream Garden offers a 10% discount on commercial shops, hotel apartments, and smart apartments for full payments. Additionally, a 6% annual rental return is guaranteed on full payments, providing a steady stream of income.

Enhanced Rental Value for Hotel Apartments

The hotel apartments in Dream Garden are a highlight of the project. Investors can expect a 12% annual return on investment for full payments, making them a highly lucrative investment option.

Excellent Surrounding Amenities and Student Accommodation

Dream Garden is surrounded by renowned universities, including COMSATS University, Noor International University, Green International University, and the University of Lahore. This draws a large student population, creating a high demand for apartments and rental properties. The proximity to these educational institutions makes Dream Garden an ideal choice for both students and investors seeking long-term rental income.

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