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Ravi RiverFront Urban Development Authority Files/Plots Booking | Project Details, Location Map And Payment Plan

The Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) on Sunday (January 16) announced pre-registration for Lahore’s first planned Smart Residential Complex ‘Ravi Chahar Bagh’, an advertisement in the newspaper reads. The inventory for the project includes 10-marla, 1-kanal and 2 & 3 bedrooms apartments.


Reportedly, The Ravi Chahar Bagh project is said to be spanning over an area of 1,000 Kanal with location features and smart amenities and facilities. The RUDA has called the project ‘Modern, Majestic and Smart’, the first of its kind in the city of gardens.

The project features the following location benefits:

  • Proximity to the motorway (M-2)
  • Adjacent to Ring Road Interchange
  • 10-minute drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport

Moreover, the project features the following amenities:

  • Safe tap drinking water
  • Cornea recognition
  • Drone/Quade deliveries
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Project’s own organic market
  • Project’s own smart forest
  • 0% carbon footprint
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart garbage collection
  • Connection with river
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Self-sustained water reservoirs

UDA Chahar Bagh Installment Plan (Booking Open)

Description Due Date 20 Marla 10 Marla
Down payment 2,200,000/- 1,320,000/-
1stinstallment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
2nd installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
3rd installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
4th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
5th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
6th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
7th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
8th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
9th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
10th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
11th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-
12th installment 1,650,000/- 990,000/-

Interested parties are advised to pre-register for the limited inventory on www.ruda.gov.pk/chaharbagh 

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The new city aims to cater to the major concerns of overpopulation, traffic congestion, heavy pollution, water scarcity and flooding. Ravi Riverfront City will provide the people of Lahore a space where they can live life to the fullest and embrace a multitude of opportunities, while keeping the city’s rich culture and heritage alive. Main Features and construction in Ravi RiverFront Project.

  • Medical City
  • Governmental City
  • Knowledge City
  • Mixed-use City
  • Sports City
  • Tourism and Entertainment City
  • Downtown
  • Commercial City

Ravi Riverfront Master Plan/Map:

Location Map of Ravi RiverFront

About the Developer of RUDA ( Ravi RiverFront Urban Development Authority)

Details will be soon…

The structure of the city will stimulate urban renewal with penetrable green belts along the fields as main spine of the city called the Ecological Corridor. Plains will feature eco-ponds, wetlands, wildlife sanctuaries, theme parks, botanical gardens, algae ponds while promoting pedestrian commercial green boulevards and major roads. Greenbelt helps to direct development where there are services like hospitals, schools and roads to make better use of our expensive infrastructure. Ecological Corridor will connect the waterfront promenade experience with the green belt experience which will revive the Ravi River.

Ruda Sapphire Bay Files

It will be a door between creative approaches of metropolitan areas, Lahore and the world, a seamless melting pot of both global communities and local societies. With the vision to make Lahore a world leader in innovation, technology and a hub of creativity it will be the connecting point for millions of people in a year, thus providing a dynamic process of innovation, imitation and improvement. The creation of space will remain varied in scale, yet the focus will be the intimate space through various layers ensuring our economy will continue to thrive and is open to business. In essence, an economic structure based on ideas and innovation sets the country in an upward creative motion.

Sports atrium is a mix of residential and commercial offerings with economic and social growth in mind as retail and athletics create a nurturing community that celebrates every success whether it is on or off the field. The carefully chosen blend of residential, commercial, leisure and recreational facilities at RRUDP sports complex, new developments and directions will be introduced in all aspects of fitness, games and healthy living creating a destination that is more than the sum of its parts.

Ruda Sapphire Bay Files

The Medical City will include the best and the most prestigious hospitals of the world providing expertise in all medical fields. The government hospitals and high standard clinics will focus on the latest trends in medical planning, operations and technology, putting Lahore on the forefront of international-standard healthcare.


  • International hospitals and local hospitals
  • Health clinics, dental clinics
  • Research labs and hubs
  • Medical college and nursing institute
  • Wellness parks/spa for yoga/meditation
  • Corporate wellness/pressure relief center
  • Park accommodations and recreation
  • Academic campus, research park
  • Rehabilitation resorts and sports training with support facilities such as dormitories and staff housing
  • Hotels and other hospitality facilities
  • Specialists/therapists to provide herbal and ayurvedic medical facilities
  • Hair and beauty clinics

The Innovation City will provide a unique and unprecedented environment in which technology and media-based businesses can flourish to the benefit of local, regional and international economies. The primary objective for developing an innovation city is to bring local and international media and IT sectors at one platform and to promote growth in these industries. It will eventually stimulate technology transfer, attract technology-based industries to the region, and offer job opportunities with world class facilities.


  • Light Industry
  • ICT Industry
  • Logistics Industry
  • Utility Centers
  • Retail and Commercial Centres
  • Commercial Parks

This city will provide a lot of business opportunities for local as well as international investors. Once the project gets fully operational, the dedicated commercial city can yield the maximum. With huge gains expected in terms of revenue generation and profit, it is set to become the biggest business hot spot of the region having all top-notch facilities.


  • Hospitality
  • Mixed-use Commercial
  • Mixed-use Retail
  • Utility
  • Tourism
  • Entertainment
Ravi Riverfront Commercial City RUDA 01

The idea behind setting up this city is accommodating all the governmental institutes of Lahore at one venue. The development of Governmental City will connect these institutes to one interface where they will be easily accessible by the general public.


  • Governmental Diplomatic Enclave
  • Governmental Institutes
  • Governmental Public Places
  • Governmental Mixed-use Buildings/Properties
  • Financial Corporate Offices
  • Financial Commercial Centers
  • Financial Officers Residences
  • Utility Centers

Knowledge City will be an integrated city which will foster an environment for the development of a knowledge-based economy with the collaboration of national and international universities and institutes. It will house a research park which will be utilized to enhance the quality of research in all fields.


  • Education City Campuses
  • Central Park
  • Commercial
  • Mixed-use Center
  • Educational / IT Island

Sports City’s mix of residential and commercial offerings, retail and sports create a supportive community that celebrates every success whether it’s on or off the field. The carefully chosen mix of residential, retail, leisure and recreational facilities at RRUDP Sports City make it a destination that is beyond the sum of its parts.


  • Sports Retail
  • Sports Cricket City
  • Sports City Olympics
  • Utility Zone / Area
  • Sports City Motor Zone
  • Sports City Hockey Zone
  • Mixed-use Commercial
  • Single Family Residential
  • High Rise Residential
Ruda Sapphire Bay Files

The structure of the city will introduce urban renewal via penetrable green strips along the city termed as an Ecological Corridor. The eco ponds, wetlands, wildlife sanctuaries, theme parks, botanical gardens, algae ponds, and commercial Green Boulevard will provide the real, natural feel. Ecological corridor will connect the waterfront promenade with the green belt and both meet the River Ravi at ends.


  • Eco Central Park
  • Eco Ranches
  • Eco Farms
  • Eco Agriculture
  • Eco Wildlife
  • Golf City

A prime and most sought-after spot of the future, Tourism and Entertainment City is going to be the cultural heritage of Lahore that will host multiple events, exhibitions and conferences organized by the community. With the blend of urban activities, this cultural city will flourish tourism industry and ecotourism by heading through historic fisherman villages and cultural activities along the riverbanks.


  • Utility Zone
  • Single Family Marinas
  • Single Family Residences
  • Entertainment Island
  • Mixed-use Island

Salient Features

  • It will start from Ravi Siphon and finished at Baloki.
  • Purpose Built Cities designed on the eco-friendly guidelines
  • Promotion of Education, Cultural, Technology, Sports & Economic activities generating employment opportunities
  • Construction of 3 barrages enabling 46 KM long lake to store 271 billion litters of water
  • Flood Management & Stabilization of subsurface water level
  • River water purification for potable purposes
  • Sewage water treatment plan
  • Plantation of 6 Million Trees maintaining ecological footprint

DemolitionAnti-encroachment Operation by RUDA in Shalimar, Lahore.

RUDA: Operation against illegal housing schemes continues in Ravi city

Regards, Head, Ravi Urban Development Authority, Lahore
Office Of The Public Relation Lahore
Date 9 December 2021
For electronic media
Takers No. 116

Operation against illegal housing schemes continues in Ravi city, 4 cells, gates, walls demolished Ruda administration carried out the operation 3 times after not receiving reply to the show-cause notice, the staff of the scheme offices fled the scene. AC Shalimar, a heavy contingent of police was present in the operation under the supervision of ED Building Control Road. The operation took place in illegal housing schemes Dream Homes, Noor Garden, Garrison Garden and Guardian Homes. Ruda issues notice to dozens of illegal schemes, more to be launched soon: Executive Director


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