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Farm House and Farm Land for Sale on Bedian Road Lahore – Lahore Real Estate

Farm House and Farm Land for Sale on Bedian Road Lahore – Lahore Real Estate

Farm House and Farm Land for Sale in Lahore – Lahore Real Estate

Greetings from Waheed, your host from Lahore Real Estate. In this video, I will show you some amazing options for farm house and farm land in Lahore. These properties are located on Bedian Road, which is the most popular and ideal place for farm houses in Lahore. Bedian Road has many well-developed and luxurious farm house societies, such as Sofia Farm, Bahria Town, and Spring Meadows. Let’s start the video and see what these properties have to offer.

Bedian Road Farm House

We are starting our video from Hudiara Drain, which is a well-known landmark on Bedian Road. From here, we will drive to the location of the farm house and farm land that we are going to show you. As you can see, Bedian Road is a wide and beautiful road, with greenery and scenery on both sides. Bedian Road is the pioneer of farm house culture in Lahore, as it started the trend of farm houses 15-20 years ago. Since then, many people have invested in farm houses and farm land on Bedian Road, and enjoyed the peaceful and organic lifestyle that they offer.

Sofia Farm on Bedian Raoad

Now, I will tell you a bit about Sofia Farm, which is one of the best farm house societies on Bedian Road. Sofia Farm has two projects: Sofia Home and Sofia Pump. Sofia Home is located on Bedian Road, and it offers farm houses of different sizes and designs. Sofia Pump is located on the left side of Bedian Road, and it offers farm land of various dimensions and prices. Many people prefer Sofia Pump over DHA, if they want to buy a large piece of land and live near DHA. Sofia Pump is only 4-5 minutes away from DHA Phase 7, and it provides a natural and serene environment for its residents. Sofia Pump has a gated entrance, palm trees, and a well-maintained society.

The building that you are seeing on the right side is Bahria Land, which is another famous farmhouse society on Bedian Road. Bahria Farms has developed and sold out its own farm houses, which are very elegant and spacious. However, there are very limited options available in Bahria Farms, as most of the farm houses have been bought by the buyers.

On the left side, you can see the sign board of Sofia Pump, which is the official route to the farm land that we are going to show you. You will see in a little while that if we go further on the left side, and take a turn towards Jahman Road, then we will find the farm land of Sofia Pump, which is 90 percent developed. However, people still prefer to buy farm land here, as they can customize and build their own farm houses according to their taste and budget.

Comparision with Nearest Societies

Compared to the ones who need a small area right next to DHA, some people need a lot of area and want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For them, Sofia Pump is the best option, as it offers farmland of 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8 kanals, at very reasonable prices. The farm land here is fertile and suitable for agriculture, as well as for building farmhouses. The farmland here also has a beautiful view of the BRB Canal, which adds to its charm and value.

If you want to know more about these farm house and farm land options, please subscribe to the YouTube channel of Lahore Real Estate, and like and share our video. We will keep bringing you such informative and interesting videos. Thank you for watching.

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