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Lahore Smart City Overseas-1: Own Your Future Home (Prices & Potential)

Lahore Smart City Overseas-1: Own Your Future Home (Prices & Potential)

Welcome to Your Future Home in Lahore Smart City Overseas-1: Updated Prices & Investment Potential

Greetings viewers! This is your trusted Lahore Real Estate Youtube Channel, your ultimate destination for all real estate inquiries in Lahore. We are excited to introduce an extraordinary opportunity for those who dream of building their ideal home in a contemporary, high-end environment – Lahore Smart City Overseas-1.

Secure Your Property in a Prime Location Lahore Smart City Overseas-1

Lahore Smart City, as you may be aware, is a fast-evolving project designed to be a global smart city providing an unmatched living experience. Within this community, Overseas-1 emerges as a top residential sector, drawing considerable attention from investors and homeowners alike.

Investment at Lahore Smart City Overseas-1

This video highlights 5 Marla plots in Overseas-1 Sector A and B, perfect for building your residence within 6-8 months. Here’s a snapshot of the current market scenario and future potential:
  • Plot Prices: As of now, the price for a 5 Marla plot in Sector A begins from roughly Rs 11.15 lakh (on own payment), translating to an estimated total investment of Rs 30-31 lakh. In Sector B, plots can be acquired for an initial payment of around Rs 15 lakh, with the total investment amounting to Rs 34-35 lakh.
  • Development Progress: Both sectors are witnessing rapid development, with Sector B showcasing significant progress. Sewerage work has been completed, and road carpeting is nearing completion. In Sector A, major development activities are in progress, including road construction.
  • Expected Appreciation: Based on past trends, a substantial price hike is anticipated once plot possession is granted. The Overseas Prime Block serves as a reference. In late 2022, 5 Marla plots were valued at around Rs 30-35 lakh upon possession. Today, the same plots have appreciated to Rs 50 lakh, indicating the potential for impressive returns.

Embrace Community Living Lahore Smart City Overseas-1

Being a part of Lahore Smart City Overseas-1 is not just about owning a piece of land; it’s about joining a lively, interconnected community. Enjoy a host of amenities, including:
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retail and entertainment options
  • Secure and gated environment

Take Action Now

If you’re planning to build your dream home in a prime location within a short timeframe and with a limited budget, Lahore Smart City Overseas-1 is the place to be. For personalized guidance and assistance throughout the process, contact Malik Shehrooz at +92 304 4222552.

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