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Lahore Smart City: On-Ground Overseas Prime Development

Lahore Smart City: On-Ground Overseas Prime Development

Explore Lahore Smart City development! Dive into Overseas Prime Sectors A & B, local construction, commercial areas, & investment potential. See it for yourself & make informed decisions!

Lahore Smart City: On-Ground Exploration of Overseas Prime Development & Many More (May 2024)

Are you considering investing in Lahore Smart City? Look no further! This article provides a detailed on-ground exploration of the project’s development progress, focusing on both Overseas Prime Sectors A & B and local construction activities.

This article provides an in-depth exploration of the on-ground development of Lahore Smart City’s Overseas Prime Sectors A and B, as well as local construction projects. It offers insights into the area’s commercial activities, infrastructure, and investment opportunities.

Overseas Prime Development

Sector A

  • On-ground development is approximately 85-90% complete.
  • Affordable investment opportunities with reasonable plot prices of 5-marla.
  • Linear Park Road divides Sector A and B.
  • Commercial development is underway, including the Junior Steam School.

Sector B

  • Nearly complete, with commercial and residential construction in progress.
  • A fully functional mosque is located at the end of the sector.
  • ‘Signature Villas’ development features private homes.

Local Construction

  • Significant development of private homes in both Sectors A and B.
  • Commercial activities along the 225-foot wide ‘Commercial Avenue,’ including The Pavilion and Special Children Academy.
  • Incubation Center and site office for Lahore Smart City.

Investment Opportunities

  • Attractive pricing and high potential for returns.
  • 100% recommended for investment for good ROI.
  • Development progress provides assurance to potential buyers.

Private Home Construction

  • Private homes under construction in various stages of completion.
  • Clusters of villages and 1-kanal homes are being built.

On-Ground Observations

  • Site visits provide a comprehensive understanding of the development status.
  • Enables both plot holders and potential buyers to make informed decisions.
  • Private home construction is progressing rapidly, with several completed units.


  • Mosques are operational in both Sector A and B.
  • Parks and green spaces are accessible for residents.

Contact Information

For further inquiries and investment opportunities, please contact: +92 322 4222099.

READ MORE: https://lahorerealestate.com/lahore-smart-city

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