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Profit From a Commercial New Deal in Bahria Town Karachi 

Profit From a Commercial New Deal in Bahria Town Karachi 

Secure a high-profit commercial property in Bahria Town Karachi New Deal! Build, sell & earn over 100% ROI in 3 years. Explore Investment Options.

Profit From a Commercial New Deal in Bahria Town Karachi

This article presents a highly profitable commercial investment opportunity in Bahria Town, Karachi. It involves investing in a 133-square-yard commercial plot and constructing a building on it, which will be sold for a substantial profit within three years.

The Investment Details

  • Down payment: 45 Lacs
  • Total amount: 1 crore 55 Lacs
  • Payment plan: Three years
Downtown Karachi New Deal Commercial
Downtown Karachi New Deal Commercial

To secure the plot, investors must make the down payment by issuing a pay order in the name of Bahria Town Private Limited. Investors are not required to make any other payments.

The Project

The plot can be used to construct a mixed-use building, consisting of commercial units on the ground floor and residential apartments above. The high demand for smaller apartments and studio apartments in Karachi makes this a lucrative investment option.

The Profitability

  • Scenario 1: Single Plot
    • Investors who invest in a single plot will receive a profit of approximately 2 crores within three years.
  • Scenario 2: Two Plots
    • Investors who purchase two adjacent plots can construct a larger building, resulting in a higher profit of approximately 4 crores.

Exiting the Investment

Investors who wish to exit the investment before the end of the three years have two options:

  • Option 1: Receive the total amount paid (down payment + installments) plus 50% of the market profit margin at the time of exit.
  • Option 2: Sell their share of the project to another investor.

The Advantages of this Deal

  • High-Profit Potential: With a profit margin of over 100% in just three years, this investment has exceptional earning potential.
  • Secure Investment: The deal is directly with Bahria Town, ensuring a secure and transparent investment.
  • Prime Location: The plot is located in a high-traffic area with a large population, increasing the value and demand of the property.
  • Ease of Exit: Investors have options to exit the investment early with attractive returns.
  • Investment Flexibility: Investors can choose to invest in either one or two plots, depending on their financial capacity.
  • Halal Investment: The investment is Sharia-compliant and ethically responsible.

For further information, potential investors can visit the office of the investment group or contact them at the provided phone number.

READ MORE: https://lahorerealestate.com/bahria-town-karachi

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