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About Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar

Sangar Housing Scheme Prices – Development Videos, Expected Master Plan | News

Sangar Housing Scheme provide sustained development for a healthy and vibrant place with a strong infra structure base supporting diversified housing opportunities and a wide range of tourism as well recreation facilities for all. Sangar Housing Project build a state of art housing and tourism facility supporting the development of the city of Gwadar.

Main Features

  • Spread over 2500 Acres
  • It is a completely self-financed scheme.
  • Engineering design has been carried out after full soil investigation study. Soil bearing capacity on Koh-i-Batil is double of what is found in the coastal belt and has been found suitable for sildigra 100 mg
  • Design of utility services is based on most modern engineering codes and efficient utilities systems.
  • Development started in 1992 and continued till date covering different phases & activities.
  • Being Developed to fulfill housing need for forth coming deep seaport.
  • Planning Includes Beside Housing All Essential Amenities such as; Community Park, Play   Grounds Shopping Centers, Schools, Recreational areas etc.


Located at Koh e Batail, Gwadar Pakistan.

Naval Anchorage Gwadar Master Plan Map

Sangar Housing Scheme Project Details

It is consists of 5 Phases namely

  1. Phase I
  2. Phase II and Phase II ext
  3. Phase III
  4. Phase IV
  5. Phase V

Presently only Phase I to IV are announced and maps exist for these phases. The plots are referred to as files and are balloted plots with numbers , so do not confuse them with files as in DHA lahore etc. It consists of following categories of plots :

  1. Residential Plots
    1. 1000 Yards (Majority of plots in Sangar are 1000 yards )
    2. 600 Yards
    3. 400 Yards ( Very few plots are available and even fewer for sale)
  2. Commercial Plots starting from 100 yards sector shops to 5 Acres .

There are 2500 Acres total Area  in which the Total Area for Phase I to IV is 1900 Acres. The Total Area (Proposed Phase V & Future Extensions) is 600 Acres. Sangar Housing, Gwadar Current Most Accurate Prices You Can Trust

NOTE: ( We try our best to give you most accurate rates regardlesss of favoring buyers or sellers. buying selling or hold is your on choice. )

Sangar Housing Scheme Plot Prices – Commercial & Residential:

Phase I : Residential
400 Square Yards : 50 Lacs ~ 60 Lacs
600 Square Yards : 60 Lacs ~ 70 Lacs
1000 Square Yards : 90 Lacs ~ 130 Lacs

Phase I : Commercial
222 Square Yards : 110 Lacs ~ 145 Lacs
444 Square Yards : 140 Lacs ~ 200 Lacs
1000 Square Yards : 200 Lacs ~ 260 Lacs

Phase II : Residential
600 Square Yards : 50 Lacs ~ 60 Lacs
1000 Square Yards : 70 Lacs ~ 90 Lacs

Phase II : Commercial
1000 Square Yards : 175 Lacs ~ 750 Lacs

Phase III : Residential
1000 Square Yards : 65 Lacs ~ 85 Lacs

Phase III : Commercial
222 Square Yards : 70 Lacs ~ 90 Lacs
1000 Square Yards : 200 Lacs ~ 260 Lacs

Phase IV : Only Commercial
1000 Square Yards : 200 Lacs
1 Acre : Depending Upon Location
5 Acre : Depending Upon Location

For buying selling files please call Lahore Real Estate ® with full confidence.

Ch Mujahid Yasin (CMY)
Lahore Real Estate ®
MB-46 Main Boulevard DHA Lahore Phase 6 Near DHA Lahore Head Office.

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