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Unveiling the Investment Potential | DHA Phase 10 Files April 2024

Unveiling the Investment Potential | DHA Phase 10 Files April 2024

DHA Phase 10 is an anticipated location for investment, with the official disclosure of its location and the commencement of development for its main gate expected within one to two months. This presents a favorable opportunity for buyers seeking a wise investment.

Unveiling the Investment Potential of DHA Phase 10 Files (April 2024)

DHA Phase 10 Lahore is poised to become a prime investment destination. With the official location announcement and development expected to begin soon, this presents a golden opportunity for savvy investors.

Diverse Investment Options:

DHAPhase10 caters to a wide range of investment needs with both affidavit and allocation files available. Affidavit files offer a direct transfer from the landowner, while allocation files involve an intermediary step. Both options provide similar value, with affidavit files currently holding a slight price advantage.

Affidavit vs. Allocation Files

DHA Phase 10 offers both affidavit files and allocation files. Affidavit files involve a direct transfer from the original landowner to the buyer, while allocation files include an intermediary transfer before the final transfer to the buyer. The total cost of both options is typically similar, with affidavit files currently being more cost-effective.

Availability and Prices of DHA Phase 10 Files

Residential Properties:

  • 5 Marla:
    • Affidavit files: PKR 30,00,000
    • Allocation files: PKR 29,25,000
  • 8 Marla:
    • Affidavit files: PKR 4,450,000
    • Allocation files: PKR 4,350,000
  • 10 Marla:
    • Affidavit files: PKR 5,325,000
    • Allocation files: PKR 5,200,000
  • 1 Kanal:
    • Affidavit files: PKR 9,700,000 – PKR 9,750,000
    • Allocation files: PKR 8,650,000 – PKR 8,700,000
  • 2 Kanal:
    • Affidavit files (Only): PKR 20,400,000

Commercial Properties:

  • 4 Marla:
    • Affidavit files: PKR 16,000,000 – PKR 16,100,000
    • Allocation files: PKR 15,500,000

A Compelling Investment Proposition:

The current market offers significant benefits for investors. Prices are considerably lower compared to historical peaks, making DHA Phase 10 an attractive option. Favorable exchange rates and the availability of affidavit files further enhance the appeal for both domestic and international investors. Considering these factors, selling assets like gold or dollars to capitalize on current market conditions and secure a plot in DHA Phase 10 could be a strategic decision.

Ready to Invest?

DHA Phase 10 presents a lucrative opportunity for those seeking future financial security. With its prime location, diverse options, and favorable market dynamics, this development is poised for significant growth.

Contact us today to learn more and embark on your journey towards a thriving investment in DHA Phase 10 Lahore. Chaudhry Jamshed +923224222062

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