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DHA Bahawalpur Files: 2024 Investment Guide – Expert Insights & Predictions (Updated Feb 21, 2024)

DHA Bahawalpur Files: 2024 Investment Guide – Expert Insights & Predictions (Updated Feb 21, 2024)

DHA Bahawalpur Files: 2024 Investment Guide – Expert Insights & Predictions (Updated Feb 21, 2024)

Considering investing in DHA Bahawalpur files in 2024? Get the latest updates, expert analysis, and predictions to make informed decisions. Discover current prices, project stability, and highly recommended files for secure and profitable returns. Watch the video for in-depth insights!

Is DHA Bahawalpur a good investment in 2024? This comprehensive guide explores the latest market trends, price updates (as of Feb 21, 2024), and expert opinions to help you navigate the DHA Bahawalpur investment landscape.

Current Prices & Stability:

  • General Files:

    • Land Affidavit (1 Kanal): PKR 32.25 lacs (stable, recent gains of 50-75 thousand). Highly recommended due to low availability.
    • Land Affidavit (10 Marla): PKR 22.50 lacs (most affordable 10 marla file in DHA projects). Highly recommended.
  • Sector Z Files:

    • Commercial Affidavit (4 Marla): PKR 71 lacs
    • Commercial Allocation (4 Marla): PKR 73 lacs (down from PKR 150-160 lacs peak). Balloted on Main Boulevard, prime location, highly recommended.
    • Residential Affidavit (1 Kanal): PKR 33 lacs
    • Residential Allocation (1 Kanal): PKR 32 lacs (balloted in Sector Z, prime location, currently undervalued). Consider for secure & profitable investment.

Expert Analysis & Predictions:

  • Stable Prices: Recent price stabilization suggests potential market maturity.
  • Limited Availability: Low inventory, especially in General Files, could fuel future price increases.
  • Sector Z Potential: Prime location and upcoming balloting make commercial and residential Sector Z files highly attractive.
  • Long-Term Growth: DHA Bahawalpur’s development and infrastructure projects indicate long-term value appreciation.


For more information or assistance with buying/selling DHA Bahawalpur files, contact Umair Tahir at +923219537814.

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