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DHA Bahawalpur Installment Files: Prices & Investment Guide (April 2024)

DHA Bahawalpur Installment Files: Prices & Investment Guide (April 2024)

Assalamu Alaikum, LRE clients! This post is your one-stop guide to navigating the exciting world of DHA Bahawalpur installment files. My name is Umair Tahir, and I represent Lahore Real Estate. Today, we’ll delve into the specifics of available Files, their current market status, and insightful recommendations to steer your investment journey towards success.

DHA Bahawalpur Installment Files: Prices & Investment Guide (April 2024)

DHA Bahawalpur stands out as the sole DHA project in the city currently offering Files on installment plans. This presents a unique opportunity for those seeking to invest in a secure and promising real estate market.

Exploring the Available Installment Files

Here’s a breakdown of the various installment files currently available in DHA Bahawalpur:

  • Residential Plots:
    • 5 Marla: Total Price (Approx.) PKR 30 Lacs with 10% Down Payment (Available on minus for PKR 3.5 – 4 Lacs)
    • 8 Marla: Total Price (Approx.) PKR 45 Lacs with 10% Down Payment (Available on minus for PKR 3 – 4 Lacs)
    • 10 Marla: Total Price (Approx.) PKR 55 Lacs with 10% Down Payment (Available on minus for PKR 4 – 4.5 Lacs)
    • 1 Kanal: Total Price (Approx.) PKR 80 Lacs
  • Commercial Plots:
    • 2 Marla (Availability to be Confirmed)
    • 5 Marla (Availability to be Confirmed)

Investing Wisely in the Current Market

The current market situation presents a strategic window for investment, particularly in smaller-sized Files like 5 marla and 8 marla. These files boast higher demand and the potential for quicker returns compared to larger plots.

Key Investment Recommendations

  • Focus on Smaller Files: Prioritize 5 marla and 8 marla plots due to their high demand and potential for faster returns.
  • Maintain Consistent Payments: Ensure timely installment payments every three months to avoid penalties and uphold your investment credibility.

Payment Options for Installments

  • Overseas Clients: Online payment options are available for overseas investors.
  • Clients Within Pakistan: Payments can be made through cash deposits at HBL or Meezan Bank, with deposit slips submitted to the DHA Bahawalpur office.


DHA Bahawalpur diverse range of installment files, from residential plots to commercial properties, unlocks a treasure trove of real estate investment possibilities. By understanding market trends and selecting the most suitable property type, you can pave the way for significant long-term returns. Remember, thorough research and consultations with local experts like myself at Lahore Real Estate are crucial before making any investment decisions.

Ready to Invest? Contact Us Today!

If you’re interested in exploring DHA Bahawalpur’s installment files, either for buying or selling, don’t hesitate to contact me, Umair Tahir, at Lahore Real Estate. Reach out on my phone number: 0321 9537814.

READ MORE: https://lahorerealestate.com/dha-bahawalpur

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