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Unleashing the Potential of DHA Lahore Commercial Files (April 2024)

Unleashing the Potential of DHA Lahore Commercial Files (April 2024)

Unleashing the Potential of DHA Lahore Commercial Files (April 2024)

DHA Lahore is renowned for its high-quality development and strategic locations, making it a prime target for investors seeking lucrative commercial opportunities. This blog post delves into the current state of DHA Lahore commercial files, analyzing prices, investment potential, and offering expert recommendations to guide you towards maximizing your returns.

DHA Commercial File Prices Phase-Wise Breakdown:

  • DHA Phase 6 CCA-3 Commercial Files:

These prime plots boast an exceptional location adjacent to Defence Raya, promising high foot traffic and value appreciation. Available in various sizes (4 marla, 5 marla, 12 marla, and 32 marla), the current rate sits at a compelling PKR 1.5 crore per marla.

  • DHA Phase 7 Commercial Files (Affidavit Files):

DHA Phase 7 offers a unique opportunity for short-term investors. With recent market adjustments, Affidavit files are currently priced at PKR 170 lacs, while allocation files sit at PKR 145 lacs. This presents a potential for high returns due to the area’s ongoing development.

  • DHA Phase 9 Prism Commercial Files:

Limited availability makes DHA Phase 9 Prism a valuable investment option. Current rates stand at PKR 2.25 crore for Affidavit files and PKR 2.14 crore for allocation files. With restricted issuance of new files, the potential for future price appreciation is significant.

  • DHA Phase 10 Commercial Files:

DHA Phase 10 offers a long-term investment opportunity. Currently priced at PKR 161 lacs for 4 marla plots, these files have experienced a slight price decrease, creating a potential entry point. Considering the anticipated development over the next 4-5 years, this phase holds high long-term gain potential.

Investment Recommendations:

  • Short-Term (1-2 Years):

    • DHA Phase 7 Affidavit Files: Offering attractive rates and situated in a developing area, these files present the potential for rapid value increase.
  • Long-Term (>4 Years):

    • DHA Phase 10 Commercial Files: Due to the high anticipated value post-development, Phase 10 offers the most promising long-term returns.

Allocation Files:

DHA Phase 7 and Phase 9 allocation files provide a cost-effective option compared to Affidavit files. However, their limited availability necessitates quick action if you find a suitable plot.


Investing in DHA Lahore’s commercial real estate presents a compelling opportunity for both short-term and long-term investors. By carefully considering your investment horizon and budget, and by leveraging the insights provided in this guide, you can make informed decisions to secure your share of DHA Lahore’s thriving commercial market.

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