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DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town: A Complete Guide (May 2024)

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town: A Complete Guide (May 2024)

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town: A Complete Guide (May 2024)

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town, a well-established gated community within DHA Lahore, offers a tranquil living experience encompassed by modern amenities. This guide delves into everything you need to know about the community’s sought-after 5 Marla plots, including pricing, amenities, and investment prospects.


DHA Lahore Phase 9 Town is a renowned gated community in Lahore, offering a serene living environment within DHA and total of five blocks A B C D & E block in it. This article explores the community’s 5 Marla plots, providing detailed information on pricing, amenities, and investment potential.

5 Marla Plot Prices

The 5 Marla plots in DHA Phase 9 Town are highly sought after for their affordability and accessibility.


  • Possession Plots: Range from PKR 85 lakhs to PKR 1.35 crores
  • Non-Possession Plots: Start from PKR 55 lakhs and go up to PKR 65 lakhs Cost of Land.

Development Status

Approximately 2500-2800 houses have been constructed within the community, creating a vibrant neighborhood atmosphere. The area has witnessed significant development in recent years, with parks, commercial spaces, and stores being established.


  • Parks: Multiple parks provide recreational opportunities for residents.
  • Commercial Areas: Offer convenience with retail stores, restaurants, and other amenities.
  • Petrol Pump: Located in Block D, providing easy access to fuel.
  • Utilities: Natural gas (RLNG) is now available through newly installed pipelines.

Investment Potential for a Secure Future:

  • File Sales: Invest in your future with 5 Marla community files currently priced attractively at PKR 50 Lakhs (previously around PKR 85 Lacs).
  • Stable Market: DHA’s established reputation ensures ongoing demand and potential for appreciation.


  • Adjacency to Phase 6: Block E is situated directly opposite Phase 6, offering easy access to its amenities.
  • Proximity to Main Road: Block A borders the main boulevard, providing convenient connectivity.

Expert Insight

  • Current Market Conditions: The real estate market may fluctuate, but DHA remains a strong investment destination due to its consistent buyer and seller presence.
  • Growth Potential: Despite a temporary slowdown, the market is expected to recover in the coming years, offering potential for appreciation.

Embrace the convenience and security of DHA Phase 9 Town’s 5 Marla community. Contact a real estate agent today to explore your options!

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