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DHA Phase 8 V-Block Plot Prices & On Ground Reality April 2024

DHA Phase 8 V-Block Plot Prices & On Ground Reality April 2024

DHA Lahore Phase 8 V-Block Plot Prices & On Ground Reality (April 2024)

Welcome, viewers! Today, we’re taking you on a journey through DHA Lahore Phase 8 V-Block Plot Prices & On Ground Reality of House Construction Activities, exploring its current development and providing you with valuable insights for end users.

Location and Accessibility

DHA Phase 8, Block v is strategically located adjacent to Phase VI. It offers easy access to both Phase 5 and Phase 6 via the Main Boulevard road which is connected with Boardway Road DHA 8. The V-block is divided into two portions: one directly connected to Broadway and another connected to Ring Road.

Development Status and Price Trends

Block V has witnessed significant development in recent years. Several houses have been built, and commercial sector shops are operational. The area is well-maintained and offers a peaceful living environment.

The price range in Block V varies based on the location and proximity to Ring Road. Plots along Ring Road are priced around Rs. 3.25 crores, while those near 70-feet road in the main portion of the block are priced up to Rs. 6 crores. However, the availability of premium plots at these prices is limited.

Key Features

  • Proximity to Broadway: Direct access to Broadway provides convenience for residents.
  • Mature Neighborhood: Numerous houses have been built, creating a livable and established neighborhood.
  • Development Potential: The area has further development potential, offering opportunities for future value appreciation.
  • Commercial Amenities: Sector shops provide basic amenities within the community.
  • Well-Established Infrastructure: The block is well-maintained, offering a safe and secure environment.

Investment Opportunities

Block W remains a desirable location for investment due to its prime location, development status, and future growth potential. Investors and buyers should consider the limited availability of premium plots at current prices and explore the potential for value appreciation in the long run.

Additional Information

For further information and real estate guidance, you can reach out to the author at +92 301 1681688.


DHA Lahore Phase 8, V-Block is an attractive investment destination offering a desirable living environment, proximity to amenities, and growth potential. Its strategic location and development status make it a valuable option for both investors and homeowners.

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